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Mastering Groundhog Day

In the 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, we meet Phil Connors (played by Bill Murray) who is perpetually stuck on Groundhog Day. Each and every day he wakes up to Sonny and Cher and relives the same day over and over and over and over again. While the movie itself only depicts about 35 of those … Continue reading

Game of Thrones – Killer Wedding

Wow! Still can’t believe (or can I?) the massacre following the wedding. There are myriads of business and strategy lessons in HBO’s Game of Thrones; I think the pearl of last week’s episode is simple. Never underestimate the vengeance of a jilted father with “homely” daughters. Robb Stark’s market intelligence led him to a better looking wife. Good for him! However, a … Continue reading

Desperate and the Bottom Line

I never thought I’d find a legitimate business situation in Desperate Housewives, but there it was on display in the final episode. In the series finale Katherine returns from France as the CEO of a large food company. Seeking a head for her US division, Katherine persuades Lynette to take the role by presenting her … Continue reading

There’s No Crying in the Boardroom

NEW YORK – Donald Trump relayed another important business lesson on Sunday night’s Celebrity Apprentice: there’s no crying in the boardroom! To say Lisa Lampanelli was a front-runner, is an understament. Her command of business, language, creativity, and project management was astonishing…but in the end her emotions in and out of the boardroom led to her downfall. … Continue reading

Mob Rules for Business by Louis Ferrante

The intersection of business and pop culture ~ that’s exactly what Pop Culture Business Review is about! Nothing is more relevant to that guiding principle than business lessons from the mafia. This book is next on my reading list. -> Mob Rules by Louis Ferrante. Enjoy. Brian

Margin Call – Lessons for Managers

Margin Call is a 2011 movie that follows a financial firm through an overnight crisis. These are four lessons from the movie to assist young professionals as they navigate into the business world. 1) Pay yourself first! Save 10% before all expenses; put it someplace safe (read: not in the junk investments you are selling your clients). During a light-hearted … Continue reading

The Big Short

BERKELEY – I just finished this book, written by a Pop Culture Business Review favorite — Michael Lewis — of “Moneyball” and “The Blindside” fame. This is the story of the financial melt down. The reviled heros, nay sayers, clueless CEO’s, greedy capitalist pigs, confusing debt obligations (CDOs), and a strawberry picker with a million dollar mortgage are … Continue reading

Leadership Mistakes of the Galatic Empire

A great article on leadership suitable for POP CULTURE BUSINESS REVIEW. Lessons to be learned from the Death Star via Star Wars.  Courtesy of Forbes. Enjoy: http://www.forbes.com  

Hunger Games

Ripped from the headlines! Here’s an article suitable for the Pop Culture Business Review.  Five Lessons Marketers Can Learn From The “Hunger Games.” Special thanks to my friend Will Preuss at Lionsgate. – POP CULTURE BUSINESS REVIEW

Moneyball – Effective Communication

The 2011 movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, is an interesting film with many practical themes relevant to business leaders. In this week’s POP CULTURE BUSINESS REVIEW, we will explore the main character’s use of strategic business communication. The movie tells the story of the Oakland A’s efforts to field a winning team even though they … Continue reading

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